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Southern Urgent Care

treats a wide range of illnesses, injuries, and common conditions and provides a variety of wellness, diagnostic, and screening services.

We provide patients and families with a wide range of quality health care services, including urgent care, primary injury care, physical exams, and travel health. Our services are offered on a walk-in basis with no appointment needed.

Do I need an appointment or referral?

No appointments or referrals are needed. Walk right in!

Who are we?

We are health care providers residency trained and American board certified in Emergency Medicine. Dr. Yenney Meza and Dr. Boris Shklyar were residency trained at Albert Einstein Medical Center, a Level 1 trauma center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We have more than 15 years of Emergency Department experience. Arvin Ward, a board certified Physician Assistant and Alumni of South University, has been practicing since 2006 in emergency medicine, family practice and urgent care. We aim to provide you the urgent medical care you need without the emergency room wait or expenses.

  • Physical Exams +

    Routine Annual Exams, Insurance Physicals, Sports Physicals, Camp Physicals, DOT, Workers Comp

  • Preventive Screenings +

    - High blood Pressure

    - Lipid disorder

    - Obesity in Adults

    - Prostate Evaluations

    - Tobacco Cessation

    - Alcohol Misuse

    - Cervical Cancer - Pap Smear

    - Ekg

  • Injuries / Trauma +

    - Minor Scrapes/Bruising

    - Sprains

    - Fracture Reduction/Splinting /Referral

    - Minor to Major Laceration Repairs

    - Joint Injections/Aspirations

  • Illnesses +

    - URI - nebulized Treatments

    - Urinary Tract Infections

    - Abscess Drainage

    - Gastrointestinal Disorders

    - Fevers - Infants to Adules

  • Vaccinations +

    Flu, Td

  • Diagnostic Testing +

    Labs Service:
    - Blood Chemistry
    - Drug test
    - Hematology
    - Cholesterol
    - UA
    - Flu
    - Strep Screen
    - Mono
    - Pregnancy Test
    - Cardiac enzymes
    - EKG

  • Women's Health Issues +

    - GentialUrinary

    - Pelvic Pain

    - UTI

  • Men's Health Issues +

    - Erectile dysfunction

    - Testoterone

    - STD and HIV testing

    - Prostate

  • CAT Scan +


    - CT Scanner(Available only at our Murrels Inlet South Carolina Clinic)

    - Digital Xrays with onsite Results

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